Alpha Trion
Sleep well Orion
Alpha Trion is putting Orion to sleep


One of Thirteen, Archivist











Thirteen original Primes, Autobots


Prime, Former archivist at Iacon Hall of Records, mentor of Orion Pax, in the present he is in retirement


Primus - creator - father

12 other original Primes - siblings

Optimus Prime - student (raised by Alpha Trion)


House near the town

"Only fool interupts his elders, Orion Oax."

Alpha Trion is one of the original 13 Primes. Before the war, he worked as the archivist in the Iacon Hall of records, where he was too responsible for Orion Pax, he was mentor of young foal. When the war began Alpha Trion decided to stay on Cybertron, even with Optimus begging him to go with them. Now after the long war he lives near the town, where he takes deserved rest and studies new things and spells


Alpha Trion is acient Prime, who saw many ages of their world. Because of his age and experiences he is very wise, patient, keeps cool mind and he is very kind. He is very responsible, but he doesn’t want to change the future by himself. When the war began, he knew it will happen, but he didn’t try to stop it. Alpha Trion knew Cybertronians didn’t believe in Prime anymore, and he was fine with it. He believes it’s on every individual to control his own fate.


Orion Pax/Optimus Prime

Alpha tiron 2

Sketch of Alpha Trion's first meeting with Orion Pax

Alpha Trion knows Optimus since his early youth. He became his mentor and close friend during the years, when he was watching Orion grow up, learn and becoming librarian. Orion actually felt like the old archivist is part of his own family. Alpha Trion always felt and knew Orion isn’t ordinary, he had to learn young pony many lessons, because Orion was always very curious and he didn’t obey many times. He was always telling Orion to respect his elders. Alpha Trion honestly didn’t want Orion to become a Prime, he knew he will become one, and it’s his destiny but he thought Orion is too young and raw for it. Since Orion’s childhood they spent much time together and Orion got very attached to him, almost like father. Young unicorn always returned for advice to his mentor. When Orion became Optimus Prime, alpha Trion knew it’s time for his student to learn how to handle his own life alone. He didn’t want to look over Optimus’ shoulder forever, but it hurt them both when they said goodbye to each other. Now in the present, Alpha Trion lives near the town and he is always glad for Optimus’ visit, and he knows how much he is proud of his student.


Alpha Trion met Smokescreen in Hall of Records, because the young unicorn was supposed to guard him. Smokescreen was annoyed at first, because this wasn't what he exactly wanted. He wanted to become a hero, not reading books with an old man. After some time, Alpha Trion opened to young unicorn and they became friends. Alpha Trion saw Smokescreen as second Orion Pax and taught him many things. He also told him about Optimus and about time he was his student. Alpha Trion knew Smokescreen has potential to become Prime. Now when war is over, Smokescreen time by time visits Alpha Trion.

Skills and powers

As one of the Thirteen original Primes, Alpha Trion is above any average Cybertronian.


One of the most notable things about Alpha Trion is his age. Cybertronians live for very long time in general, but Alpha Trion’s age is ancient. He is one of the very first Cybertronians and saw all ages of his planet. Even when he can be actually described as Demigod, he died some time after Great Exodus. When Primus revived those who died in the war, he decided to do this with Alpha Trion too. It is now known, how long he can live, but he knows he returned for a reason.

Covenant of Primus and Quill

Just like other Original Primes, Alpha Trion owns very powerful and magical artifact. Covenant is magical book, into which he can write with the Quill. He is actually able to bend reality and change events, but he knows it can bring very big risks. Alpha Trion can see future, but there are never big details and he glad, when others don’t ask him about future events. Because of the Covenant, he knew Orion could become next Prime.


- Alpha Trion believed that era of Primes is gone and he wanted a calm life. Because of this he was hiding his wings under his bathrobe, to hide he is alicorn.

- It was actually very hard for him to let Optimus go, even when he didn't show that. Because he was rising Optimus since early childhood, he got attached to his student and he had to deal wth feeling he will have to let him go one day.