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Earth pony









Knockout's assistant, Warrior, Builder and demolisher


Knockout - mate


His and Knockout's house

Breakdown is big, blue Earth pony and mainly Knockout’s assistant. In the Decepticon army he served a strong warrior. Together with Knockout, he was sent on numerous missions, these two were rarely seen apart. Breakdown suffers from big paranoia and he doesn’t believe strangers. He is too known as Bulkhead’s rival.

After the war, Breakdown stayed together with Knockout and continues in work of his assistant, because of that he knows basics of first aid. Now he too works as builder together with Bulkhead and makes demolitions. Since the war, Breakdown has only one eye and other is patched. Knockout is still trying to find the right spell, what could heal Breakdown’s eye.


Breakdown was since his birth a big and heavy pony. When he was a child, he had problems to control his strength and he almost always smashed into something, broke something, or fell somewhere. He was always rather careful, and never went first into anything, if he wasn't provoked of course. As he was growing up, he wasn't very social with other ponies and he was actually quite shy. He was too very often left alone, and no one wanted to be his friend.

He took the warrior training and hoped it will be a good opportunity to finally find a good use for his big strength. He met Bulkhead and saw the other pony has quite a same problem, because he was afraid he will always break something when he will touch it. They became buddies after some time and went through the training together, but in the finale they split up and became rivals and enemies.

One day he found a smaller white and red unicorn named Knockout. Breakdown suffers from a paranoia, and so he thought Knockout will too run away from him, like others always did. To his big surprise, Knockout didn't run and he actually liked Breakdown’s big strength and strong body. They went along very well and spent some time together. Breakdown was too the first one, who believed Knockout can use his medic skills right and after time became his assistant. They became very close to each other and Breakdown was glad he can finally help someone and protect him.

When the war began they joined Decepticons, but Breakdown was very scared of Megatron and by time he built hate for Airachnid. He too lost one eye during the war, so Knockout tried to patch it. After the war Breakdown was again Bulkhead's friend and they began to work together as builders for the town. He now lives together with Knockout, and he still helps him as assistant, and their friendship evolved into love.


Breakdown, since he was a foal was always very careful pony. He was scared of his own strength and by the time he began to have paranoia. He isn't afraid to go into battle through. He is very capable warrior and because of that, he always enjoyed fighting. He is rather used to work in team and because of that he is always seen with Knockout. If he is provoked he stays behind and waits for orders from Megatron. Breakdown was always afraid of their leader and he never dared to do anything against his will.

Breakdown has actually very caring nature, when he s around others. In battle he can get reckless, but when he is around friends he likes to help. He is sometimes very shy, and rather likes when knockout talks, not him. He is very overprotective about Knockout and he lets him lead situations. He likes to do the action, not think about it.


Breakdown is never far away from Knockout.He is there as his guardian, assistant, nurse (as Knockout calls him), friend, partner and lover. He is usually the one tho gets manual work done. Breakdown follows Knockout everyhwere, ven when he sometimes doubts his partner's deccission. Knockout likes to be brushed and cleaned by Breakdown.


- Knockout is used to lay on him and use him as his big plush toy

- He has a strong phobia from spiders