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Bee, Scout


Earth pony










Scout, Mail man, Keeper of video game store


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Bumblebee is for now the youngest pony in the town. He was always pony with a very jolly and playful nature, near the beginning of the war. When he was a little foal he was always playing with others, and he was very hyperactive. He too always like to play and mainly video games.

When war began, he immediately joined Autobots. He became the scout for his fast nature and managed to make a lot for his team. Unfortunately he got right under Megatron's hands. Decepticon leader hurt him so much, that it damaged his voice and he was unable to speak for the most of the war. He was healed at the end of the war and got his voice back.

When war ended and peace returned, Bumblebee got work as postman. Since then he delivers posts to everyone from the town. He has too his own skate park behind the house and owns variety of boards. Bumblebee is for the most of time very jolly, optimistic and helps everyone around. But still he can get serious and tries his best to make things right. Arcee takes him like her little brother, and sometimes lets him to make out some fun time for her. Sometimes he too begs Soundwave to let him do DJ work. He too spends a lot of time with Bulkhead, and they had to learn run very fast, because they break a lot of Ratchet's things. He has a too a racing rivalry with Knockout.


Bumblebee is young and curious pony. He is jolly, optimistic and he loves fun. Through he is young, he is not naive and he knows how to get stuff done. When it's really needed he is able to lie very well. Bumblebee is very caringm kind and selfless. When it comes to it, Bumblebee proves himself as great leader and knows how to get others on his side. He loves fun, buthe is still very carefull, sometimes he is the one who tries to tame Smokescreen's rash actions. He wants to know he is useful. Bumblebee is modest and patient, but sometimes he needs to be tamed too. Still, he will always listen to words of older ones, mainly Optimus.



Bumblebee spends the most of his time with Smokescreen. Because they are both very young and jolly they come along very well. Even when Bumblebee is more careful and reserved than Smokescreen, he likes to be in his company and doesn’t mind to listen his long talks. They make very good team in any situation. They enjoy playing video games together and if they can, they help others with something.

Optimus Prime

Bumblebee adores Optimus and he has always looked up to him as he would to father. Unlike Smokescreen, he obeys his every order, but just as him, he wants to make Optimus proud.


Ratchet has a special place in Bumblebee's life. He was the one who saved Bumblebee's life, when Megatron almost killed young scout. Still, Ratchet always blamed himself for that he couldn't save Bumblebee's voice. Because of his sense of responsibility, he is very overprotective, and the same goes for Bumblebee. When Bumblebee got his voice back, Ratchet was the one who was relieved the most.


- He and Smokescreen collect stuff related with superheroes, comics and robots

- Bumblebee is actually very good liar and he isn't afraid to use this adventage when it's really needed

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