Tfp ponies dreadwing by kagekirite-d5gr1fe


Dreads, Dreadie, Sherrif


Pegasus - Seeker








Decepticons, Seekers


Sherrif of the town, Decepticon air general, explosion expert, warrior, flight and fight trainer


Skyquake - brother,twin


His house on the cloud

Dreadwing is a big and strong pegasus from Decepticon lines. Since he was young, he was raised to be loyal and have respect and good manners. He doesn't talk too much, and dislikes when he is forced to something, what doesn't fit him.

He was born as one of the twins, together with Skyquake. They were always very close to each other and Dreadwing never wanted them to get separated. He always looked up to his brother and he got very hurt by his lost in the war. Now when Skyquake is back, Dreadwing is always waiting for his brother’s visit in the town. Dreadwing is rather serious and he dislikes these who don’t have respect for anything. He has a rivalry with WheelJack, even when they both like to make things blow up.


Dreadwing is calm, loyal and he cares a lot about honor. He was always one of the noble warriors and he can be described as gentle man. Dreadwing has always been very close to his brother and he would do anything for him. For the most of the time, he is quite silent and doesn't talk a lot. Even if it may seem he doesn't have much emotions, he is actually a very sensitive person. He cares very much what others think about him and he always wants to be seen as a honorific warrior and person. This makes him different from many other Deceptions.

Sheriff of the townEdit

Because of Dreadwing’s honor full personality, he wanted to take a job, what will help to serve justice in the town. He got a job of town’s sheriff, so he is responsible to tame violence and crime in the surrounding of the town. He is too responsible for sky patrolling and sometimes he can act as detective. In his duty, Dreadwing wears a brown hat. For the most of time, he tames WheelJack to stop his wild behaviour.