Tfp ponies knockout by kagekirite


Doctor, Knocky, Good doctor, Doc Knock


Cybertronian, Unicorn




Young adult




Decepticons, Autobots


Doctor, Stylist, Racer, Weapon designer and builder, Masseur, Scientist


Breakdown - Mate


Medic, Scientist

Knockout is a white and red unicorn from Decepticon lines, and he still thinks he is the most beautiful one. In the war, Knockout served Lord Megatron and his army as medic, together with his partner and assistant Breakdown. He has too experiences with science and weapons. Knockout was never very fierce fighter and a lot of times he cares mainly about himself and how good he looks. He has very snobbish and naughty nature and sincerely says what he thinks.

After the war he settled down in the down and founded his own salon. Knockout was always a big fan of races, and likes to compete in them. Because of that he founded a salon for racers and then too for his needs to look good. When Knockout works he is actually very talented does a good work and other ponies now know him very well for his styling abilities. Sometimes he can be still very snobbish, but he became more friendly and dependable. Because of his small size and fear he will get scratched he is never too far away from Breakdown.


Knockout is a young unicorn, who was born with a very picky nature. Since his youth he was always trying to look as best as he could and did everything possible for it. This lasted into the present time, and he is very well known for it. Since he was a child, he was arguing with Starscream it's better to be on the ground, than in the air. He was never shy or scared and he always got what he wanted. Even if it meant to get dirty, he always accomplished his goal. Knockout very early in his life discovered his talent to make things look good and that he enjoys running fast and prove he is the fastest one.

As unicorn he learned how to use magic, and mainly how to use it to keep him clean. He was too first in discovering the secrets of mature things and discovered he is interested in medicine. He studied to become doctor, but at the beginning no one really believed him he can do it right. After some time he met Breakdown, other pony wasn't very sure of his own skills, powers and that he was rather keeping himself away from other ponies. Knockout saw an opportunity in him, because of his big and strong body, something what could protect him. Breakdown was too the first one to believe Knockout can be a good doctor and after some time he became his assistant and the closest friend.

When the war began, they joined Decepticons and he worked as their medic. As the war ended, Knockout founded his own styling and racing salon, with his own clinic. He now does the work of town doctor together with Ratchet. During all those years he stayed with Breakdown, and their friendship developed in love. Knockout still finds amusing, that, when he can argue with Starscream, but they have actually quite close bond to each other. He is too sometimes complaining with Arcee as fellow unicorn and she sometimes calls him faggot. He too got used to race Bumblebee.


Knockout was always described as snobbish, egoistic and sometimes a coward, because he always wanted to protect his own beauty. These aspects are part of his personality, but there is more. Knockout was born with warm feeling for all beautiful things and hatred for dirt. He likes to be admired by others and sometimes it seems like, he cares only for himself. He is very social and likes to talk a lot; sometimes even so much he begins to be too honest and too sassy. This unicorn is very well known for his likeness of mating and everything around it. As a doctor he sometimes says some jokes or hints, he would like some company, which results in that he gets hoof right in the face.

He has few fears, like getting dirty, being left alone, that no one likes him, being ugly, and final one: trains. As doctor, Knockout accomplished medical studies and likes his work. He is a fast racer and enjoys the speed. Still, even when he looks snobbish, he cares deeply for his friends. He offers Starscream immediately help, when they discover his pregnancy. When situation gets really bad, he is willing to risk his life for real friends. Knockout has somewhat choleric character. When something doesn’t go his way, he gets angry and furious, just as he gets dirty. He likes to tell Arcee, how to make her private life better and sometimes hangs out with Ratchet, as doctors. Even after all these years he still feels guilty because of Breakdown. He tries to find a right magic to heal his eye, and in rare moments he is actually very gentle, friendly and caring, visibly.

Knockout has too other side of his personality. In the war and after Breakdown’s unhappy destiny he uncovered his rather crazy and sadistic side. When it comes to revenge he isn’t gentle in anyway and he seems somewhat uncaring about surroundings. Knockout still has this side and when it comes up he stares in very unusual  and awkward look.



Knockout has a close connection to Breakdown. In the war they were working as partners and Breakdown was Knockout’s assistant. They met when they were both younger. Knockout wanted to prove himself that he can be good doctor, or stylist, but no one believed him. One day he met a big blue pony who was afraid of his own strength, but Knockout loved how strong he was. Since that day they spent a lot of time together, because knockout liked the protection and Breakdown found a dear friend.

In the war, knockout was rather devastated by Breakdown’s lost and his personality changed a bit. Now after the
Never apart again by kagekirite-d51iaca

Knockout leaning on Breakdown

war, they wanted to stay together and more than just friends. Knockout is still trying to find a right spell to heal Breakdown’s lost eye. However he isn’t very sure he will be able to cast such a strong spell. Knockout likes to be close to Breakdown, because he feels safe like that, and he won’t get hurt or dirty, but he is capable of protecting them both. He says he likes “big boys” and he knows Breakdown is often the only one who is enough patient with his behavior.


Knockout and Starscream are actually very close to each other, even when it doesn’t seem it that way. For the most of the time they spend together, they argue or yell at each other. When the thought situation comes, they can stick to each other and work as a team and actually show some sympathy. Now after the war Knockout takes care of Starscream as his doctor. This came in hand because of Starscream’s pregnancy. Knockout may not ever admit it, but he likes Starscream a lot as a friend, because they came through a lot together. When they aren’t arguing they can come along just fine.


Knockout likes to keep himself clean, tidy and the most beautiful one around. Since he was young, he was always taking care about his body as best as he could. His body is covered in white fur, with red part on his back. Lower parts of his legs are red and the front ones have white stripes. Under his neck are two black stripes. He has red tail, mane and eyes. His Decepticon insignia is red


- Even when Knockout acts visibly, like he doesn't care about others too much, he has soft heart
- He may have very strong magic abilities, but he never used it in full force
- He likes big cats such as tigers and lions
- Knockout has a secret fear, no one will like him or he will be left all alone, he hates to be alone
- He likes to play with children
- He can be very loyal and good friend, but only to the really close ponies, he can even get dirty for them
- His favorite element in fight is electricity and fire
- He dislikes trains