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D-16 (as mine worker),Megatronus (before the war), Lord Megatron, Lord, Master (by Starscream), Boss, My Liege (by Shockwave, Dreadwing and Knockout), Leader, Old Friend (by Optimus), Brother (by Optimus), Megs (by Optimus)


Cybertronian, Pegasus (formerly), Alicorn (recent, changed by Unicron)








Decepticon leader,Former gladiator and mine worker, Co-ruler of town, Defense strategist, Trainer, Coach


Optimus Prime - mate, Unnamed parents


Decepticon leader

Megatron became one of the most famous warriors of his age. He was in the earlier times known as Megatronus, and he fought in the Kaon as gladiator. This is where he met Soundwave, and where his fame began. Megatron always wanted to change the world, and he was trying his hardest for it. In these times he too met with Orion Pax, who shared the same thoughts. Megatronus wanted to serve justice and bring it to the whole world, but he was angered by Orion to be chosen as next Prime. Because of that he became enemy of Orion Pax, who became Optimus Prime, and he renamed himself as Megatron. He began the war and became leader of Decepticons.

When war ended, Megatron accepted all his bad decisions and mainly his old friendship with Optimus. They founded a new town together, and they rule it together. Right after that they became mates and Megatron is now trying to undone his bad actions. He is an alicorn, which enables him to use magic and control weather. He was originally born as pegasus, but during the war he learned how to use dark magic of Dark energon. Megatron is still one of the best fighters and he sees he begins to have respect even from Autobots and those who never liked him.


Megatron was born in the Kaon as slave without any rights. He didn’t even have a name, he was simply called D-16; it was name of the cell he was born in. He was born into the one of the lowest castes and he was taken away by his mother very short time after he was born. He was used as worker and it didn’t matter he was still a child. He was starving, sleeping in cold and getting overworked for the most of the days. Still, he managed to survive and get stronger. When he became older, almost as a teenager he decided to go into gladiator arena. Here he learned many hard lessons, but he managed them and became a great fighter.

As he grew older, he was slowly becoming champion and fight gave him new purpose of life. He took name of Megatronus. Through this time, he met Soundwave. These two ones faced each other in arena match, but Megatron let him live. Soundwave was even the only one who came even close to defeating him. Because of that, and because of holding morals of fair fight, he spared Soudnwave’s life and took him under his wings. The two became best friends and Megatron taught younger pegasus a lot of techniques and tricks. Since then, they met Shockwave and many other Kaonians, who were unsatisfied and tired of their hard life. Megatronus decided to make a change and start revolution.

His words got across Cybertron and they too got to Orion Pax, who became his new friend, and the gladiator was keeping very warm feelings for him. They spent a lot of time together, but when Orion became Optimus Prime, Megatron angered at him and started a war. He thought nothing would change and Cybertron would still be the same and lower castes would still suffer, so he decided to rise up with Decepticons.

 In the end of the war, he got killed by Bumblebee, but he was resurrected by Unicron and became alicorn. After Unicron was stopped, Megatron remembered all his previous suffering and decided to exile himself. When everyone got resurrected, he lost mark of Unicron that was on his body, but he stayed in the state of alicorn.

He decided to return and he found Optimus all alone and confused. They talked for the whole rest of day and in the end, Optimus didn’t want to let him go. Megatron accepted and stayed with the Prime. They found others the next day and after many events and trust issues between factions, he got an offer to start a new era. This time together and with Optimus by his side. For the first time in his life, he felt home.



Megatron can’t be judged by the first look. On the surface, he looks like harsh, aggressive, cold, brutal and selfish person. He doesn’t show concern for the most of time and he uses raw strength to solve problems. It needs time, patience and understanding to see under his hard shell. Because of his harsh and unfortunate childhood and his whole young life, Megatron got very bitter look at the life and experienced the true meaning of suffering. Since he was growing up as slave and worker, he knows very well the life never gives you anything for free. He needs hard time to trust anyone new around him and he can even get paranoid.

 Megatron can be very sarcastic and cynic at times, but he has got a sense of humor, he loves to laugh in the public and he can even get malicious. He is a fierce warrior as he was a gladiator in Kaon and he loves fighting. For him, the fight is fun and he is proud of his victory. Fight makes him relaxed; it’s the way for him to calm down and get stress out. He is very strict and hard on everyone as a boss and many are afraid of him. Megatron hates betrayal, but as he was always keeping Starscream close, it maybe keep him occupied. It is visible he knows meaning of true friendship, which he shares with Soundwave and, before the war, with Orion.

Even when Megatron seems cold, he has got a soft heart, which was buried down by the years of war. When he was Megatronus, he was more joyful, relaxed and he represented a great friend. Even when he had hard life, he was gentle and caring. This was experienced mainly by Soundwave and Orion. When he remembered all suffering he came through because of Unicron, he began to return to his old self. He became more jolly, light-hearted and caring. He is still sassy and keeps his passion for fight and making problems to others, but he remembered how good it is to be loved by someone. When he got mated with Optimus, he realized once again that he is happy to have someone who cares for him.

Now when he comes to it, he is a loyal friend and he will fight with every single breath to protect these he holds dear. Optimus loves him the way he is, but he admits Megatron acts childish sometimes and he is way too proud. There is just one thing that he is afraid of: having children. He is afraid he would hurt them or even Optimus, but he doesn’t want to admit he is scared of it, but he knows he would love to create their own family.


Megatron was originally born as pegasus. Before the war began, his mane was red, he had a lighter version of his gray coat and his eyes were blue. When war began his coat got darker and his mane changed into purple, this was caused by Dark Energon. His eyes got red color and he got scars under his eyes and on forehead. He was born with sharp teeth. When he was using Dark Energon his eyes changed into purple. After being resurrected by Unicron, his appearance changed. He got even darker coat, spikes and his eyes changed again into purple. He was also changed into alicorn. After Primus’ resurrection of the whole Cybertron, the spikes and dark color of his coat vanished and he returned into his war appearance. Still, he stayed in alicorn state.

Megatron is one of the tallest characters, he is taller than Optimus and only ones to top him are Alpha Trion and Predaking.

Because of Optimus' failed spell, he was also changed into a frog. In first form, he is very small and all green. He keeps his sharp teeth, red eyes and gains eyebrows that are similar to ones he has as Transformer in the show. In the second form he is slightly bigger, he is longer and gains yellow color on his stomach and neck. His feet are also different.

Gladiator of Kaon

In his younger years, Megatron was one of the most famous gladiators in Kaon and he was known as Megatronus. Megatron was born in the Kaon and he learned that he must fight for his life. He was used as a mine worker, but when he got older he got the the gladiator arena. By the time, he actually began to enjoy it and he understood fighting is his biggest talent. When he managed to get his freedom, he decided to continue. He knew he could get famous, rich, but mainly gain power, to change the world.

In the arena he met other ponies that later became his allies. He met Shockwave, but he mainly met Soundwave. Soundwave fought him in the arena and he put very outstanding fight, almost defeating Megatron but champion won and he wanted to spare Soundwave’s life. They became very good and loyal friends, who respect each other. They always trained together and Megatron let him sleep in his own room. Megatron by time became really famous and he began to have impact even on persons far away form Kaon. Even when he managed to get his freedom and good life, he still wanted more. He saw very well how the world goes, and therefore he wanted to change it. He didn’t want anyone else to die in mines, or for the thrill of higher castes. That’s when he got attention of Orion Pax. Young librarian came to know Megatron and they became very good friends. Megatron taught Orion how to fight and he was showing him battles in arena.

Gags and signature linesEdit


Megatron in the comic calls Optimus as his "qualitie". This word came out of the word quality. It seems Megatron refers to Optimus's mane, tail and fur. He very often sniffs and licks Optimus and he states he likes the smell and softness of Optimus's mane, body and tail.


In the third chapter, Megatron was by accident turned into a frog. He doesn’t make actual frog sounds, he rather says “Qua. Qualitie.” This was caused by Optimus’ mistake.


Megatron learned that he must fight and never give up in life. In his youth he became a gladiator, which made him a very skilled warrior. He is able to fight with any kind of weapon. In the war, when Decepticons got Forge of Solus Prime he was able to create his own sword Dark Star Saber, which proves he is manually skilled. As alicorn, he is able to use very magic powerful and his huge wings and he proves to be a very strong.


  • Megatron loves chocolate. When Orion gave him a piece to taste it for the first time, he almost fainted by the taste and sensation. Chocolate wasn’t available in Kaon.
  • He likes cats and likes to watch cat videos on the Internet.
  • If he is brave enough to have babies with Optimus, and if they have a boy, he will love to name him Orion.
  • In the comic, Megatron was changed into a frog.
  • He calls Optimus his “Qualitie”. He makes the same sound as a frog and he loves to sniff Optimus’ mane and tail.
  • Because of his harsh childhood and hard life, he suffers from nightmares and he dislikes storms.
  • Unlike Optimus, he enjoys being outside and he acts almost as Tarzan when he gets into a forest.
  • He may some intimate history with Soundwave.
  • For some reason, he was always keeping Starscream close, it almost seems like he is amused by his attempts to be a leader.
  • As he was a worker, Megatron is actually very manually skilled and he can make beautiful things out of wood or any other material.
  • Just like other Deceptions, his eye color changed from blue to red. Plus, his mane was changed too. When he was Megatronus, his mane was red and his coat was lighter.
  • When he was a gladiator, he didn’t know how to ready, Orion taught him.