Optimus Prime
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Thirteenth Prime ( as one of the 13), Orion Pax(name after being reborn), Orion, Pax, Data clerk, Clerk, Librarian, Archivist, Optimus,Prime, Last of Primes, Follower of Primus, Disciple of Primus, Leader, Autobot leader, Autobot,Boss (by Bulkhead), Chief (by WheelJack), Sir (called by Ultra Magnus), Old friend (by Ratchet), My student (by Alpha Trion), Qualitie (by Megatron)


Cybertronian, Unicorn (born and recent), Alicorn (formerly)








Autobots, Primes, Decepticons


Autobot leader, Prime, Data clerk, Librarian, Co-ruler of town


Megatron - mate, Alpha Trion - father figure,Unnamed parents, Primus -Creator of his original self


Warrior, Leader, Commander, Prime

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Optimus Prime, earlier known as Orion Pax is Autobot leader and current co-ruler of the town. Before the war, Optimus was data clerk and librarian, but by time he began one of the most well-known Cybertronians and warriors. For the whole war, he never gave up a hope for better future and always tried his best to protect everyone from total destruction. He was chosen by high council as Prime and he takes this duty with a big respect. In the present time he rules the town and mated with his old friend, but too the worst enemy Megatron. He returned to his old work of librarian.

Only Alpha Trion knows about this, but Optimus was originaly one of the 13 Primes and he war reborn as Orion Pax.


In the beginning of the Cybertron's history, Primus created 13 original Primes. Optimus was one of them. He was born as the Thirteenth Prime, which didn't have any special powers or weapons, but he had qualities that made him different from others. He was calm, supporting others and he was inspiring others with his speeches. Just like other Thirteen Primes, he was present in the battle with Unicron. When he discovered betrayal of Liego Maximo, he wished to die and be reborn as part of new generation of Cybertronians. Before entering the Well of Allspark, he promised Alpha Trion to return one day.

The Thirteenth was reborn as Orion Pax. He was always very calm, modest, shy, caring and he proved to be interested in data storing, libraries and mysteries of history. Orion was born into the Data Clerk cast, this got him into the Hall of Records in Iacon, where he got to Alpha Trion and began to study under him. After some time, Alpha Trion realized Orion is the reborn Thirteenth, but he never told him and he treated him more like a son then long lost brother. Orion was never too much social, and he was always letting get close only true friends. But he is very friendly and caring for surroundings.

When he was growing up he met Jazz, who became his only friend. This changed when he met Megatronus and got another friend. The two became after time close friends, and both saw there is something wrong with today’s world and Megatronus wanted to change it, just as Orion. But unlike his friend, Orion didn’t want to rule by brutal strength, and so he was chosen as the next Prime. He gained name Optimus Prime, and his friendship with Megatron vanished and the war raged on.

Before the war ended, there happened a lot of things and Optimus was still trying to find the right way and get peace again. He became an Autobot leader, but he still hoped Megatron will one day stop his actions and his friend will return. After all struggles, battles and problems it really happened and war ended. Optimus, together with Megatron took the position of leaders for both factions and they got in charge of their together shared town.

Optimus now works as town librarian and he isn't very glad, actually he is mad, when something happens to any of books. His calm nature stayed, he is just overprotective over these things. He lives together with Megatron and they decided to be each other's life partner. Optimus too sometimes thinks they could have family one day.


If you should look up to anyone, than that person is Optimus Prime. Born with the name Orion Pax, he was always very calm, gentle, patient, caring and sensitive to everyone around him. When he was young he was student of Alpha Trion and the two became very close and elder was like father to Orion. Even that Optimus is modest and careful, he was always very curious and he wanted to know a lot of things, because of that he was always reading bunch of books.

As data clerk, he proved to be very skilled when it came to look for information, sort data, or just work in the library. Orion Pax never missed an empathy so he knew Cybertron’s caste system isn’t okay and he tried to change it together with Megatronus. Gladiator was glad to have librarian around, even when he thought Orion can be quite naive and shy.

When he became a Prime, his personality changed. He became more silent, reserved and sometimes he even seemed cold. He chose to keep most of his emotions to himself, so he wouldn’t bother others, but he is great and loyal friend. Optimus has a very strong sense of responsibility and he always felt guilty for destruction of Cybertron. Still, he became very skilled warrior and leader.

After the war Optimus calmed down and he actually began to enjoy life without hiding it. Even when he still doubts himself sometimes, he know he is happy. When he was Orion Pax, he was able to laugh, but when he became a Prime he never did that again during the war. Now he is able to smile and laugh once again. Optimus feels very strong urge to protect everyone and he wishes to create family together with Megatron.


Optimus was born as unicorn, when he was Orion Pax, his heigh was similar to WheelJack, but when he got the title of Prime and Matrix, he grew and became one of the tallest ponies. When he became Alicorn he became tall as Megatron and got huge wings. Now when he is back to his unicorn state he got back his original Prime size. Still, only ones who can compare to him in size are Dreadwing, Skyquake and Ultra Magnus. Still he is smaller than Megatron and his mentor Alpha Trion.

 He has bright blue eyes and two toned mane, which is colored in red and blue. His coat is snow white. He has two spots under his horn and under eyes. He gained these spots after he changed into a Prime, he wasn’t born with them. In the early chapters he usually wears his blue helm. Now he wears only blue and red horseshoes. Just like other battle armors, his one is stored in Coliseum.



Optimus was always very interested in Megatron. Since the first time he heard of him and saw him, Optimus wanted to know more about gladiator. Before the war they were close friends and they called each other as brothers. Megatron felt betrayed by young Orion Pax when he was chosen to be next Prime and it seemed their friendship died that day. In the war, Optimus was still keeping some hope Megatron would stop fights and become who he was before. They encountered each other many times, and Optimus never ran away from fight. Few times they even had to work together, for example, as they both needed to defeat Unicron.

After the war, Megatron actually begged Optimus for forgiveness. Optimus knew Megatron wants to keep his pride, but he accepted and he was very glad war finally ended and they could begin a new life. Now in present, they both rule town together and they got mated. Optimus has rather gentle nature and he dislikes using of unnecessary violence. Because of that he sees, Megatron is still quite wild and hard to work with. Sometimes he even has to tame Megatron to keep him on one place. Their friendship resembles one before the war, but Optimus has now more confidence and isn’t even afraid to beat up Megatron, when he does something very wrong, or tell something harsh. Optimus too likes to listen to Megatron, but he is glad when he teaches his mate something new. He knows former gladiator isn’t very fond of culture, so he is trying to make it better. Megatron says he endures it only for Optimus, in other case he wouldn’t do it.

Optimus likes to take care of Megatron and enjoys together moments and working together. When the town was built and they mated together, Optimus after some time mentioned they can create a family. He was rather disappointed by Megatron’s reaction and he didn’t mention it since then, but he is still waiting. Optimus knows Megatron is rather scared to have own baby. He doesn’t hate kids, but silver alicorn is scared he will hurt them and Optimus as he did many times in the past. Optimus too sees Megatron in the library, very often. He isn’t very glad Megatron wants to show his affection in public and mainly in library, when there are other ponies. Optimus feels rather awkward when Megatron is trying to get him laid in section for children books. Still, he is very happy to have Megatron as his mate, he knows he would never hurt him again.

Alpha Trion

Optimus met Alpha Trion as small child. Alicorn made young Orion his student and he was teaching him, how to become a librarian. With passing years, Orion became very close to Alpha Trion and he almost saw him as father. Orion was very often asking for advices, learning spells and spending free time with his mentor. Orion was staying up late in the night, reading and studying and he very often fell asleep. Alpha Trion was always there to cover him with a blanket, or Orion was sleeping snuggled to him.

Even when Orion became Optimus, he was still turning to his mentor for advices. Alpha Trion wanted him to grow up and learn to depend on his own decisions. It hurt and saddens Optimus to leave his mentor behind. When Optimus was dying, he almost joined with the AllSpark and Alpha Trion, but it didn’t happen because of Smokescreen. Optimus met again with his mentor after the war. Now when it’s peace, they can share calm times and Optimus is happy to see his teacher is proud of him.


Optimus has a very close friendship with Ratchet. They fully trust each other and stick together in every situation. Even though Ratchet is now warrior, he always refused to leave Optimus behind in battle. Ratchet always stands by Optimus' side, even when he had to disagree few times and he was really upset when Optimus had to destroy Omega Lock, choosing Earth over Cybertron. The medic still forgave Optimus, in fact he was never able to keep the grudge for Optimus. Prime very well understands Ratchet's grumpy nature and he is always there to make old medic feel better, when he is annoyed by something. He knows that Ratchet always tries the best he can, and even if they fail, he is still very thankful to his old friend.


After the war, Optimus very gladly returned to his original work back on Cybertron. He works as a town librarian and a data clerk, he also takes care about rare artifacts they got during the war. Optimus has his own library in the first chapter, but in the end of the chapter, it burns down. However, Breakdown with Bulkhead decided to build a new one for him. Optimus likes to help other ponies with looking for certain book, read to kids, or just lay there on the pillow in resting place. The old library had a secret room for Optimus and Megatron and it was mainly their common resting and even mating place. When it comes to books, he can be overprotective over them and he doesn't tolerate any bad behavior to them. Just like Soundwave, he is very proud of his work, likes his work and does it with every possible effort. Even when he appreciates Megatron's trying to help him, he would rather welcome to Megatron just sit there and don't scare kids and readers in the library.


Magic of Primes

As unicorn and Prime, Optimus has unlocked the highest level of magic powers. He is able to use spells avaible only to Primes. This too means he can use ancient cybertronian artifacts, such as forge of Solus Prime and other artifacts.

Optimus is capable of very powerful spells, but it depends on his concentration. He can teleport everyone at once, finding them in his mind, when they are away, but it still needs practice. It is too shown that spell can be negatively affected, when is nervous. This happened when he changed Megatron into a frog on the festival.

Analyzing and decoding

As data clerk, Optimus met in his youth with a lot of data. Because of his work in Iacon Hall of Records Optimus gained ability to decode files and analyze things around him. Because of his curious nature in the youth, he always found something what he can see, analyze write into a document. His decoding skills came in hand, when Autobots and Deceptisons were looking for relics.


  • Optimus suffers from claustrophobia, this was caused by the time he spent buried under the ashes of the Autobot base, claustrophobia got awakened after the war ended. Optimus got trapped in the cave, it awakened old memories and since then he is afraid of tight and dark places. Still, he tries to hide it.
  • Becauce he was growing up in the library and almost didn’t come out, h didn’t know how to swim, he learned from Megatronus.
  • When he became Prime he grew up in height and black markings appeared under his eyes and horn.
  • Optimus no longer owns Matrix of Leadership, it was left behind in the Allspark, this was the only way his own soul could be separated from it and he could go back.
  • Optimus serves to everyone as father figure, but this goes for the most to Smokescreen and Bumblebee.
  • He is able to read 4 books at once.
  • He loves to stay long in the bed, but because of his position he can’t afford it that much.
  • Optimus loves sweets, tea and pineapples, he doesn’t like coffee.
  • When he was a kid, he liked to snuggle into Alpha Trion’s beard.
  • During the war he was afraid to let anyone get close to him, this caused he was feeling lonely very often, on the other hand he is overprotective
  • He has sense of humor and loves to laugh, but he keeps it for himself