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Medic - Doctor, Gardener, Herbalist, Scientist


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His house with clinic and garden


Ratchet is very well known as Autobot medic. He served at this post during the whole war and everyone was always very thankful for it. He began his medicine studies on university and he became very close and trusted friend of Optimus. Through the years Ratchet became cranky, moody and sometimes very strict and serious. Even now he works as the doctor for the whole town, together with Knockout. Ratchet is actually very caring person, but he really hates, when someone breaks his things. In these years of peace, he is too very fond of gardening. Everyone too discovered he has his other secret side.


Since his childhood Ratchet was always very self confident. He never wanted help from anyone, and always loved to do the work on his own. He was always afraid, the other one won't do it right, or even destroy the thing, what he worked on. He was too always gathering money, and he was saving them in case he will need something. As young foal in school, he proved to be interested in science and medicine and he dreamed about becoming the doctor. He was always studying very hard and hated when someone cheated.

On the university, when he graduated, he met with Knockout, who was just beginning his medicine studies. Before the war, he met Optimus, in that time Orion Pax and they became friends very quickly. Ratchet remained loyal to him even during the war, and when it ended, Ratchet became the doctor of the town, together with Knockout. He too got to his hobby of gardening, because he always loved flowers, nature and as medic, it was very practical for him. It is too very calm work.

Ratchet always feels very responsible for everyone around, and when he isn't able to help, he feels guilty. He actually has a close connection and understanding for Knockout as they are both doctors. He dislikes looking over the kids in the lot of times, because there is danger they will break something, or won't obey him. He says very often he needs something, and to his bad luck, it’s after that, when that thing is destroyed. In a lot of cases, Bulkhead did it. He can get very passionate in work and Knockout with others sometime mentions, he should find someone, but he is not sure about it.


Optimus Prime

Ratchet has known Optimus for a very long time. They call each other “old friend” and trust each other as much they can. Optimus knows that Ratchet is grumpy and needs his time to do things and he always stands behind him. Ratchet feels responsibility to take care of his friend as best he can. He would never forgive himself if something terrible happened to Optimus. When it seemed Optimus died, Ratchet lost all hope. They respect each other for their skills, experiences and personality. Ratchet agrees for the most time with Optimus, and even when he doesn’t, he is willing to support the Prime at any cost.


Ratchet had always quite difficult times with Smokescreen. He was never fond of Smokescreen’s rash nature, quick actions and he is mad Smokescreen doesn’t obey orders. It could seem that Ratchet dislikes Smokescreen, but in real he is trying to protect him from the harm. There were even moments when Ratchet admitted Smokescreen’s instincts are right and he praised him. Ratchet would maybe never admit it, but he likes that young hyperactive unicorn.


Ratchet servers together with Knockout, as the medic of the town with his own clinic. Because of many experiences in the war, Ratchet is very skilled doctor. Sometimes he can be very grumpy and stubborn, and he dislikes when patient tries resist his treatment. On the other hand he is very understanding and gentle as doctor and he will do anything to help. In the war he even helped Starscream, even when they were enemies. Knockout knows Ratchet is better doctor than him, but he mustn’t be drunk.


After the war, Ratchet decided to find some peaceful and at the same time useful hobby. Since he is a doctor he knows a lot about medicine and flowers, what can be used to heal. He made by himself a garden next to his house, and he spends his free time there. Sometimes he is taking care of flowers, sometimes he just lays there on his chair and with his gardening hat deep in his face.


I needed that!

One of running gags in the comic is Ratchet’s feeling of needing something, every time. The certain thing gets very often destroyed and he yells: “I NEEDED THAT!” This gag comes from Transformers Prime show and it’s one of the main aspects of Ratchet’s personality. For the most of the time in the show, Bulkhead is the destroyer of things. However here in the comic it’s practically everyone, sometimes even nature. In chapter one Ratchet was crying and going craze by that water destroyed his flowers.

Beer and alcohol

Ratchet with his beer

In the comic, Ratchet shows very strong attention to beer and any other alcohol. By the time, fans began to take this as daily feature of his personality. The original joke came from the roleplay. Comic is in many ways based on this story. In roleplay Ratchet was very often drinking or even selling drugs to Optimus and others. This idea didn’t came from author’s head, but the roleplay partner. Even when it was made in fanfiction, it’s based on events of the show. In episode “Stronger, Faster”, Ratchet tests out his new synthetic energon. This came as inspiration for that, Ratchet can get very drunk. By the time it became running gag in the comic.


- Ratchet is the oldest pony in the town for now, older than Optimus and Megatron

- He actually spent a night together with Knockout, they too share the phrase: "It's between us doctors."

- It is possible has too some "very jolly flowers" in his garden

- Ratchet shares some similarities with Soundwave. During the war, they both hardly ever left their base. Ratchet has known Optimus for a very long time and is his closest friend, just like Soundwave to Megatron. They are both very intelligent and manually skilled and can repair various types of things.