Tfp ponies shockwave by kagekirite-d7cdhhs


Shocky, Scientist, Cyclops












Second in command, Scientist


Driller - Pet

Predaking - Creation

Skylynx - Creation

DarkSteel - Creation


His house with laboratory

Shockwave always thinks in logical way. He is sure every thing on the world has its rational reason. He doesn’t trust feelings and he too thinks there isn’t any reason to keep anyone close. He is very well known for his sometimes twisted experiments.

In the present he works in his own laboratory in the town, together with Starscream. He has his own little pet worm called Driller who helps him with experiments. Shockwave is rather serious and he dislikes, when someone interrupts his work. Even when he doesn’t admit he it, he is lonely, and he always stays in his lab for two months and goes out only for supplies and give reports to Megatron.


Shockwave was born with one eye and shining symbols what are similiar to Soundwave's ones. Because of his unusual appearence he was always keeping his distance and he hadn't any friends. While he was growing up, he discovered he is very interested in science and he was amazed by this subject.


Shockwave behaves usually very reserved, cold and rationaly. He believes in pure logic and that everything can be proved by calculations. He was always rather lonely and he likes to work alone on his experiments, but when it's needed he accepts cooperation. He doesn't talk a lot and he isn't very social. Shockwave is used to spend all 2 months alone in his laboratory just with his pet Driller, and only one with which he has regular everyday contact is Starscream. Even when he is loyal to Megatron, he has a very strong mind of his own and always thinks before actually doing something.

He likes tea and he states he is Brittish.When Starscream told him about the baby and his bond to Soundwave, it was proved he isn't able to take emotional things very well. He too knows he is actually afraid of emotions. His big passion is to experiment on anything, anywhere and anytime. Shockwave has a soft spot for his pet Driller, which is actually his laboratory assistant and helps him doing work. It would seem he is the only person Shockwave actually cares about. Because of his trouble childhood he doesn't believe strangers and he is rather cold to everyone who meets him. Still, he can prove emotion, when someone insults him for his one eye. Shockwave too believes emotions are useless, because they never result in good things, which could be helpful for science. It was too proved by Optimus that he greatly dislikes invaders in his personal space.


- Even when library was burning and there was a big tidal wave, Shockwave still didn't come out of his laboratory, he wasn't present on the meeting in WheelJack's house too

- He calls Megatron "My liege"

- In original sketches of Shockwave, he was supposed to have one robotic leg

- Shockwave isn't a good flier, he was growing up on the ground and he never used his wings very much, because of this, they are weak and can't carry him for a long time