Tfp ponies smokescreen by kagekirite-d6uadbg


Smokey, Smoke, Destiny child, Kid, Soldier, New recruit, The new guy, Newbie, Rookie


Cybertronian, Unicorn








Autobots, Elite guard


Alpha Trion's bodyguard, Optimus' assistant in library, Soldier


Unnamed parents,Alpha Trion - Father figure and mentor


Soldier, Elite Guard, Stealth Team Operative

"It's my destiny!"

"How epic was that?!"

SmokeScreen is a young unicorn from the Autobot lines. In his younger years, he got an Elite Guard training, what was rather a boot camp. He was very eager to fight, but he ended in the Hall of Records, guarding Alpha Trion. Due to this, he was only able to read and gather pieces of information from outside. When Decepticons attacked, his life changed. SmokeScreen is very optimistic, jolly and always ready to get in the action. The one thing he wants the most is to make Optimus Prime proud, because he takes him as his hero and wants to be like him. After the war, SmokeScreen became Optimus' assistant at the library.


Smokescreen was born into a loving family of medium caste. He had a happy childhood as he lived with his parents, but one day, they didn’t return and Smokescreen tried to find them. After many days of looking for his parents, he got lost and couldn’t find a way home. He was living outside and in the street for some time, even if he could find a way home, he didn’t know why to return. Everything would just remind him of his parents and he was with everyday more and more thinking they are dead.

One day, he was found by group of soldiers. They offered him to join them, because they would take care of him, train him and maybe help him find new goal in life. Smokescreen accepted and he was since then trained by army. Because of this, he found new purpose in his life and he remembered how much he wanted to be a hero. He worked hard on himself and began to think he could actually be honored, even when he was making every captain crazy. He knew war was coming and he began to more and more adore Optimus Prime, hoping they would meet one day.

Then, he was sent to become Elite Guard member, but he felt like it’s only a boot camp. He never really got into the action. He was trained as a fighter, but he never got chance to get experiences. He never got promotion to end his Elite Guard training, because war was coming and he was sent to Hall of Records. He got the task to guard Alpha Trion. Even when he wasn’t much hyped for this task, and it took some time for them to get used on each other, it turned out right. Alpha Trion opened to him, and they became great friends. Smokescreen learned a lot from him and he got to know Optimus was once Alpha Trion’s student.

Smokescreen was ready to fight, when Deceptions attacked, but instead, he got captured and he spent many years of war sleeping. When he joined Team Prime, his dream of meeting Optimus came true and he finally got chance to fulfill his dream. Many events happened and Smokescreen even got chance to become a Prime, but he denied it to save Optimus. After the war ended, Smokescreen decided to learn more from Optimus, he became his assistant in the library, still waiting for his destiny to come. He also offered Bumblebee they would live together, since he didn’t want to be alone in the house.


Smokescreen is young, hyperactive and always optimistic. He always looks at the bright side of things and he never loses hope, even when every other person does. He is very seldom afraid of anything and will do everything for his friends. It isn’t a problem for him to get into the fight and help those who need that. Since he was a child, he wanted to be a hero, and he is still holding up to that dream. In action, he always listens to his instincts, rather than his reason. This makes Ratchet very often mad, since it always seems like Smokescreen is just doing stupid things, but in the end he admits, Smokescreen’s instincts were right.

Smokescreen adores Optimus, he dreams about being like him one day, this means being noble, brave, trusted and honored as a hero. After the war, Optimus offered him to become his assistant in the library, and Smokescreen was extremely happy for it, because through this, he can learn from the Prime. He sees a father figure in Optimus and wants to make him proud. Smokescreen is kind, loyal and jolly, but he has few personality traits that can make everyone around crazy. He talks too much, he always wants to talk and it’s hard to make him quiet. He is hyperactive and can’t stand at one place for long time. He is not patient and jumps into things without thinking. He can’t lie and he is always honest, this can sometimes hurt other’s feelings. This happened few times, when he was talking with Bumblebee, but he immediately started to apologize to him and started to do crazy things to prove he was sorry.

Smokescreen also has problems with obeying others. It’s not because he doesn’t respect them; he just thinks he has got better plan at the moment. Smokescreen strongly believes in destiny, he thinks he is supposed to do great things, and thought he could even become a Prime, but in the moment he could, he denied it. When he began to think about it, he never really thought he is ready. He still believes his destiny was not fulfilled and it waits for him, he just doesn’t know where to look for it.


Optimus Prime

SmokeScreen looks up to Optimus in every way. He always tries to make Prime proud and the worst thing is, when he disappoints Optimus. Since the first time they met, SmokeScreen became somewhat Optimus’ fanboy, following him everywhere.He always says he would do anything for him, and he even saved him during the war. Smokescreen wishes very hard to become Prime’s student.


Smokescreen likes to spend time with Bumblebee. They are both young, active and like to have fun. Even when Smokescreen knows he can get them into problems easily, they always stick together. Smokescreen is too glad bumblebee doesn’t mind his long talks, unlike others. They like to play videogames together and do very often sleepovers. No matter what comes, smokescreen is always ready to help his close friend.

Optimus’s assistant

When war ended, Smokescreen wasn’t certainly sure, what is his destiny or what he is supposed to do. Optimus offered him to become his assistant in the library, so he can learn something by the time find out his true potential. Even with his rash nature, he is content with his place in library, near Optimus.

Signature move

Phace Shifter

Smokescreen by time made up his signature move. During the war, he got used on using Phase Shifter. With this relic, he was able to get through any object, like walls, ground and practically anything. Phase Shifter was making him practically immune to any harm and he used that in his advantage in the battle. He was saved by this many times, for instance when Megatron tried to kill him with Star Saber, or when he was falling from the sky. He even got Knockout stuck in the wall. In the present time, Smokescreen is trying to learn how to use this ability by spell and without the relic.


  • Smokescreen is forbidden to drink Cola since it makes him hyperactive, but he still loves it, he is also always told to eat only small amount of sweets, since it has the same effect on him
  • Just like Bumblebee, he loves to play videogames and collect game and pop culture related stuff
  • He talks in his sleep
  • He loves pizza, mainly the one with field mushrooms
  • When Alpha Trion saw Smokescreen wasn’t listening, he smashed newspaper over Smokescreen’s head
  • In a RPG game, Smokescreen would choose the Paladin class
  • Even when he is the second youngest one, he is as tall as WheelJack
  • He comes everywhere late and never on time
  • He isn’t very tidy and he has got quite a mess in his home
  • When he has free time in the library, he reads comics
  • He loves to snowboard and skate
  • Sometimes he races with Bumblebee and Knockout
  • He practices to learn techniques of Phase Shifter without using the relic
  • He prefers PlayStation over other video-game systems