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Sounds, Wave, Sound, Eyes and ears of Decepticons, Spy, Officer, Accountant, Communication chief






Young adult






DJ, Accountant, Former gladiator


Starscream - mate, Unborn child (carried by Starscream), unnamed parents


Third in command, Inteligence officer

Soundwave is one of the most important and most loyal Decepticons in Megatron’s army. In the war he was the third in command and intelligence officer of Decepticons and the whole structure of army were depending on him. He is very loyal, calm and works very hard. Now after war, he is trying to hide his secret love for Starscream from others.


Unlike the most of pegasi, Soundwave was born on the ground. Both of his parents aren’t pegasi, his father is unicorn, what was actually forbidden during pre war years. Because of that, he was growing up more on the ground, going to forests and he was learning to fly very slowly. He spent a lot of time in the forest where he was listening to animals and sounds of nature. He got his name when he showed he is interested in music and he was very often seen near his father’s guitar.

Soundwave was very shy, but calm and curious child. He didn’t have friends, but he didn’t care that much, he was able to spend hours all alone. When he actually met someone, they didn’t want him to be around and they laughed at him and were harsh to him, because of his shining stripes. One day bullies came after him, but he was saved by silver pegasus. Starscream helped him and even when Soundwave didn’t want to talk, Starscream managed to befriend him. Blue pegasus later admitted, he is very happy to have a friend. Starscream was then flying around just for fun when he found Soundwave, they then discovered Starscream’s home town isn’t too far away from Soundwave’s home and they began to spend time together. After years, Starscream left for academy and times began to be hard.

Soundwave wasn’t born into a high caste and one day the law came. Lower castes were used as workers and even slaves. His parents were captured, but he managed to get away, even when he didn’t want to. He got captured too after few days, but because he was defending himself too fiercely, he was thrown into gladiator arena. He faced gladiator named Megatronus, and he was able to almost defeat him. Gladiator liked that and he spared Soundwave’s life. Megatronus offered him friendship and took him under his wings. He began to train Soundwave in fight and the two became great friends.

One day, Soundwave found an egg when he was going through near forest. He waited for hours, and when he saw no bird is coming around, he decided to take the egg and take care of it. It hatched into a small falcon and he named him Laserbeak. Soundwave was faithfully standing by Megatron’s side when time for revolution finally came. They wanted to change Cybertron. In this time, Soundwave decided he wants to forget on the past, pain as gladiator and old friendship with Starscream. He didn’t want to erase memories, just emotions, thus he will be more useful. This was done by one of unicorns in the arena and it lasted for the whole war. He didn’t even think of his old friendship with Starscream. But he was loyal.

When war ended and he was brought back by Primus from Shadowzone, his emotions got unlocked. He needed time to get used to it, but he managed. It almost seemed to him, he got a gift when he found small jaguar cub. Kitten wanted to stay with him and he named him Ravage. Soundwave knew it was time for new beginning.


During the war, Soundwave was called “Eyes and ears of Decepticons” and this title was deserved. There is almost nothing that can avoid his attention. He sees and hears everything, knows many secrets and he was always Megatron’s most trusted soldier. Soundwave’s main personality aspect is loyalty. He will follow you anywhere, he will always help, and he will stand by your side, when he thinks you are the right one. It isn’t easy to win his trust and he doesn’t believe strangers, but when you gain his trust, he will remember it forever. He is also very patient. Soundwave doesn’t talk very much, for the most time he just keeps his silence and instead listen.

He has got excellent memory and he is able to remember anything he sees. He is workaholic; this means you just can’t take him away from his work. He will fulfill every task in every detail and then, he will look for next one. He is able to work for many hours without any break and it doesn’t matter to him, how much it could damage him. He will never regret the work he has done. Since his young age, he loves music and he can play many instruments, he can sing, but it’s very rare and only few persons heard him. Even when he doesn’t show it, he is quite shy, but he is no pushover. He knows very well, where his place is, and he will defend it. He is a very skilled fighter, since he was a gladiator in Kaon and he isn’t afraid to face any enemy.

Even when he is phlegmatic and it takes almost the whole world to make him speak or get any reaction from him, he can actually get angry. It isn’t easy to get close to him, on the surface he seems cold, but he has a very soft and warm heart. This can be seen when he takes care of injured and stray animals. He doesn’t show it, but he has got a sense of humor and somewhat of impish nature. Sometimes you may say he trolls others, but he is never mean. Starscream also knows very well he is very loyal, gentle, supportive and kind mate.


Soundwave’s body is covered by dark blue fur and even darker blue mane. He has violet lighting stripe on his legs, wings, ears and in the mane,tail and belly. Both, mane and tail are long and his mane gets on his nose and almost into his eyes. His Decepticon insignia is gold.

When he gets to do DJ on concert he wears headphones and hoodie. His battle armor from war is still stored in Megatron’s colloseum.

Shining stripes

Unlike everyone else, Soundwave's body is covered by violet and purple shining stripes. Similar thing can be visible on Shockwave or Smokescreen, but Soundwave is the only one, who has stripes on almost every part of his body - legs, ears, belly, wings and even mane with tail. No one actually understands, why Soundwave is the only with this feature. In the youth he got into a lot of problems because of it. He can actually control the light and eventually lower the glow, it too reacts to his stronger emotions and it's sensitive part of his body.


He wears the dark blue glasses almost all the time; they enable him to cover his eyes and also emotions and look. These glasses too contain built-in computer and have a lot of functions, such as recording. In the war, he used to wear a mask, but that isn't necessary anymore. He actually has a soft spot for glasses and collects them.


The only one who Soundwave lets to get very close to him is Starscream. Even with his strong loyalty to Megatron, he chose Starscream as his mate. Their relationship began already in youth, when they were just foals. Starscream then helped Soundwave from the group of bullies who were going to hurt him and they hide in the tree. Soundwave as filly very shy and careful, but he was very thankful to Starscream and to his surprise other Pegasus liked his lighting stripes. They began to spend time together, but Starscream then one day left and then they met again, Starscream has changed.

During the war they worked together, but Starscream was always totally creped out by Soundwave, who was watching and controlling everything and they hadn’t best times with each other. When war finally ended, they both stayed with other in the town. When Starscream got very sick one day, Soundwave took him home and took care of him. It took few days for Starscream to be completely healthy again and he noticed how much care Soundwave gave him. Starscream began to watch Soundwave, and he was actually stalking him, the other Pegasus knew it, but he let Starscream to watch him. After some time they finally made up and decided to stay together.

They both were very aware of wrath what could come because of Megatron and they were together, but secretly. Soundwave then moved to Starscream’s house. After one year they celebrated anniversary and Starscream got pregnant.

Soundwave is now very fond and protective of Starscream and stays by his side no matter the cost. Even when he is still loyal, he is willing to protect Starscream even from Megatron. Soundwave may seem very passive, but in real he is the dominant one, he just likes to let Starscream make it look like he is just standing there, and other Pegasus speaks. Sometimes he too has to calm Starscream down and handle his choleric nature, but he is good at it. He too gave his mate a necklace with a zodiac sign, with tracking signal, because he wants to know where Starscream is. Soundwave said it’s for his safety, and he truly doesn’t stalk him.

Soundwave knows Megatron since his early years in Kaon. They both were gladiators and one day they stood against each other in arena. Even with outstanding skills, Soundwave was defeated, but Megatron liked his style, courage and strength to stand against him without a fear. He decided to spare his life, and then took Soundwave under his wings. He let him train with him, and after time they became good friends. When war began Soundwave stood loyal by Megatron’s side, where he stayed for the whole war.

Megatron has a full faith in Soundwave’s abilities and trusts him as the most trusted friend and ally. For Soundwave, he takes it too like an honor to work under Megatron, because he sees him as the best leader and bringer of new golden age. He was always trying to protect Megatron from any harm and giving him good advices. When Soundwave fell in love with Starscream, he was afraid of Megatron’s reaction, he didn’t want to lose a good friend and get Starscream into danger. So he was trying his best for both of them.

Megatron is very fond of Soundwave and relies on him in a lot of cases. He is too one of the few persons, to which he is gentle and understanding. When Soundwave discovered Starscream’s pregnancy, he knew he has to tell his lord one day. He just hoped very much Megatron won’t disappoint him and he will accept his child, Starscream and family.

Accountant of the townEdit

In the town, Soundwave took role of accountant. Because of that, he knows everything about events in the town and he is in control of everything. Just like in the war, even when Megatron with Optimus are the formal rulers, he does most of the work. Soundwave has his own office in Megatron's coliseum, where he stores all documents and history of actions made. Soundwave proved to be very helpful in economy tasks and knows how to use money correctly, so the town will never make a mistake. Soundwave likes accountancy as calm and good work, where he can think, have privacy and quiet place. As every other work, he takes it with very big responsibility and honor.

Skills and talentsEdit

Third in command and intelligence officer

In the war, Soundwave served loyally under Megatron. He was the third in command right under Starscream. Soundwave isn't very glad when he is supposed to be in the charge. He likes to fulfill his task as best as he can, but he needs orders. Because of that, he never wanted to be in Megatron's place. He has too special bond to Vehicons and Eradicons, they think of him as their loyal officer who always knows what to do. Soundwave treats their troops with calm personality and they respect him for that. Even when some of them fear him, they know he will always treat them nicely. Even after the war they serve him and he is in their charge.

Soundwave's very important place is the intelligence officer. Because of his great skills with computers, quiet behavior and spying techniques, he was always able to gather information for Deceptions. Because of that, he spent most of the time on the Nemesis where he was mainly gathering information. He still has this job in the town, but it isn't needed as it was in war days.


Soundwave is a very talented in working with any computer and system. He very well understands how every program runs and for almost every time, he is able to get into the system without any problem. This was very useful during the war, as he was able to decode any file, too. Because of this ability, he was able to decode locations of Cybertronian relics. He has the ability to connect to computers through his mind, but he doesn't do it very much, because there is too much information for him to handle. He can type very fast on the keyboard without any mistake.

DJ and music

As his name tells, Soundwave has a very soft spot for music. He got his name after few days, when his parents noticed he is very attracted to music and instruments. Soundwave has very sensitive ears and he hears every little sound in his presence. Even when he doesn't talk in public and he is very reserved, he works as a DJ. He can play numerous music instruments but he enjoys the guitar the most. Even when it is very rare to hear him, Soundwave is known for having talent for singing. Starscream is actually the only one who is lucky to hear his singing.

Animals and personal secretsEdit

Animal care

Soundwave loves animals, therefore he takes care of many wild animals that he comes across. He can’t stand a look on hurting these innocent beings and sometimes, when he has a chance he helps these little ones. He gives them food, helps them with healing or, the extreme case, takes them home to recover. Starscream was for several times in the past going crazy that Soundwave takes every single animal home and he feels like living in a zoo. Soundwave always lets every wild animal to get back in the wild, but he has two pets, Laserbeak and Ravage.

Ravage and Laserbeak


Octie is Soudnwave’s plush octopus toy, since he was a foal. He got Octie from his mother to his first birthday and he got very attached to it. Soudnwave calls Octie “she” and dislikes when someone pulls her tentacles. Usually she lays on his and Starscream’s bed, but sometimes Ravage takes her and leaves her somewhere around the house. Soundwave never wants to show Octie to strangers, to others, because he doesn’t want anyone to see into his privacy. Soundwave sometimes finds Starscream snuggled to Octie and lets him, borrow her.


  • Soundwave has got very sensitive ears, he can hear even the smallest sounds from miles away.
  • For unknown reason, Soundwave has got purple eyes, but he was born with blue ones just like every other Cybertronian.
  • Soundwave doesn’t know origin of patterns on his body; he just knows it runs in the family. He is also able to control intensity of shine.
  • As his father is unicorn, he is more sensitive to magic energy and he also has few skills not available for regular pegasus.
  • He is the only one from the main Decepticons, who can’t break the sound barrier and he is overall a slower flier. This is caused by his father not being pegasus and growing up on the ground. On the other hand, he is much stronger than he looks.
  • Soundwave can count very fast and he is always accurate, and because of that, he decided to take a job of accountant in the town and he too takes care of all administration.
  • Vehicons like him. He never screamed at them, never hit them and he was always used to work with them. Even when they feared him sometimes, they respect him very much.
  • Soundwave has telepathic abilities. Because of this, he was able to connect with Starscream even without bonding.
  • He suffers from the fear of failing. It is very rare, but if he isn’t able to finish his work in time, he freaks out. This comes from his incomplete self-confidence. He knows he is worth, but he always needs to prove it to himself.
  • It is rumor, but some say they saw Soundwave drunk during his gladiator days and they would pay to see it again. This supports the fact that he keeps his distance from alcohol.
  • Sometimes, when he lets too many animals into a house, he makes Starscream crazy.
  • It is almost impossible to argue with him, since he will almost never respond.
  • He understands animal speech.
  • Soundwave’s only remaining thing from his parents is the old plush octopus, he managed to keep it safe to this day.
  • Soundwave hates lightings and doesn't like electricity, because of few accidents