Tfp ponies starscream by kagekirite


Screamy, Screamer, Seeker, Star, Traitor, Commander Starscream, Lord Starscream (by himself)


Cybertronian, Pegasus - Seeker




Young adult




Decepticons, Seekers


Second in command, Scientist, Weather patrol


Soundwave - mate, Unborn child (carrying), unnamed parents, Skywarp - brother, Thundercracker - Brother


Second in command, Commander of Air Force, Decepticon Leader (proclaimed by him)

Starscream was always greedy about his goals and he was in the war second in command of the Decepticons. Even with his numerous fails while he was trying to take over army and Megatron, he never gave up. Starscream is very well known for his coward side, crazy plans and choleric nature. Even with that, he can come up with great plans, but he mustn’t stand in Megatron’s shadow. Now after war he settled down with Soundwave , and actually calmed down.


Starscream was born in one of sky cities of Seekers. He is the first born son of two mares and he lived happy and joyful childhood. He also has two younger brothers Skywarp and ThunderCracker. Starscream was raised by Seekers’ standards. He was always very proud to be one of his trine, and even when he was sometimes bragging, he was never mean. He was trained though his young age to become excellent flier and have noble heart.

 One day he met a young blue pegasus, who evidently needed help. He was chased by group of bigger and stronger ponies and Starscream decided to help him by hiding him. When they were safe, Starscream managed after some trying to get know foal’s name. The foal’s name was Soundwave. Starscream wanted to know why they were chasing him, even when Soundwave didn’t want to talk, Starscream was standing his ground. Soundwave told him it was because of his shining stripes on his body and mane and later he too said both his parents weren’t pegasi, which was actually forbidden. Even when he wanted to leave, Starscream followed him and offered him to be his friend. Soundwave accepted very carefully and they spent few years together as friends caring for each other.

Starscream then decided to leave and get on academy together with his brothers, with this he said goodbye to Soundwave, but he knew they will see each other again. He started to train at the academy to begin one of the best fliers, but he also found interest in science. Through this interest, he met with Knockout, who was studying science too. The two actually became friends, even when it was very often on love-hate relationship. When Starscream finished his studies and training, he got together with his brothers into elite flight. They became Energon seekers. The years passed by and war slowly came. By some time, Starscream began to lose his sense for honor, duty and friendship, he started to became harsh, uncaring for others and he started to care only about himself. His only goal was to be a leader and rule everything, thus he wanted to get rid of Megatron and take his place.

He left his brothers behind to chase his own dreams and it was in Decepticon lines where he met again with Soundwave and later Knockout. Soundwave saw that Starscream forgot about their friendship and they were on rather bad terms through the war. Starscream made up a many enemies during war and even when war ended, he didn’t want to give up his goal.

Everyone accepted the truce, but Starscream. They actually held him on the rope to be sure he wouldn’t escape and get back with some threat. It took few days, but then Starscream actually gave up and they let him go. Starscream flew off but not so long after, he returned to help with construction of town. It took him some time, but he decided to work with Shockwave in his laboratory and help with weather patrol. He too plans to find out, whether his brothers and mothers are alive. Still, the biggest change in his life was when he found safe home with Soundwave. They slowly found a way to each other and Soundwave after one year moved to Starscream’s house, taking Ravage and Laserbeak with him. One year later, they decided to keep the baby Starscream got pregnant with and create a family, even when they knew it is dangerous, because of Megatron.


If you know Starscream, then you know it’s not easy to believe him. Over the years, Starscream developed very complicated personality; it may seem you never know on which side he is. The truth is that he is always on his own side. Even when he can seem weak and not as a big threat, Starscream is in fact very intelligent and he can improvise very fast. During the war years, he longed to become a leader of Decepticons, and because of this, he was still in Megatron’s shadow.

He was coming up with plans to take the Warlord down, but he always failed. Starscream became known for being a traitor, coward and he was thinking only about himself and because of this, nobody trusted him. He was never afraid to use tricks, lies and anything possible to get to the goal. The truth is the he wasn’t like this all his life. In his youth, Starscream was actually brave and caring and he knew how to get stuff done. Starscream is a Seeker, he was raised by their lifestyle. This means he knows language of Seekers, their traditions and he knows his species is more family oriented. As a Seeker, Starscream feels urge to protect young ones and raise them. However, this behavior was destroyed in the war and got replaced by his selfish actions.

Starscream is very proud. He says how much he loves to be flier and he has in his behavior to look at non-fliers from above. This can be seen when he talks with Knockout. When it comes to it, he can be very harsh to others, and during the war, he never realized why he had so many problems with others. The truth is that it was his behavior that always spoiled his plans and pissed others. He is choleric, gets angry very fast, teases others and yells very often. He can get also very jealous and gets paranoid when someone watches him.

Starscream’s very weak point is that he never knows when to stop and it took him some time, even after war ended and during the construction of town, to realize it’s over. Until then, he was still trying to come up with a plan to get everything under his control. It also took him some time to realize that he is safe and he doesn’t have to fight and prove anything more. Slowly he settled down and started to accept he would never be a leader and there isn’t anything left to fight for. Still, he needed someone to open his eyes. That someone happened to be Soundwave. The other pegasus helped him and took care of him, when Starscream needed that most and after the time they got together. Because of Soundwave, Starscream began to realize how foolish his actions were. Starscream began to remember how his parents and tribe taught him. Senses of friendship, loyalty and maybe honor began to come back. He suddenly realized how lone he was and that he just needs someone by his side, who will stand by him and make him feel loved and needed, than he doesn’t have to be the leader of the whole army.


Starscream is a silver Pegasus. His tail is long, and it’s two toned in black and white. His mane is also black and white. In the center of the mane is a pointed red stripe. Starscream has red eyes, and lines under his eyes. He has too a scar from the war by Arcee on his right cheek. He has red Decepticon insignia.

Just like other battle armors from the war, his one is too stored in Megatron’s coloseum.


On his and Soundwave's first together anniversary, Starscream got a red necklace on the black rope. It has an astrological symbol of his sign on it - Aries. Soundwave gave it to him to be sure, where Starscream is; therefore, it has tracking sensors inside of it.


Because of his very well-known traitor actions, Starscream had even after war problems to be completely trusted. When he finally managed to settle down his life, he began to be friendlier to others and they actually accepted him. Still, Starscream is moody and sometimes it’s hard to handle him.


Starscream met Soundwave, when they were both foals. One day he found darker Pegasus, very scared, crying and hiding from the group of bullies. Starscream immediately took him up and hide with him in the crown of the tree. When bullies left, Soundwave was shocked someone actually stood up for him and he was very thankful to Starscream. Starscream always thought Pegasi should help each other. Unlike others he liked Soundwave’s lighting stripes and took him to better ponies, who warmly welcomed him. They began to spend time together and became good friends. Starscream then left Soundwave alone, because he wants to go on academy to become a scientist and high rank flyer. He promised he will return and they will still be friends.

When war began, Soundwave and Starscream met again, on Megatron’s side. To Soundwave’s disappointment, Starscream changed. He became greedy, sassy, and coward and wanted to take the lead. He told Soundwave he doesn’t need him anymore and he won’t stay in his way to be leader of Decepticons. They didn’t share warm feeling during the war and Starscream was a lot nervous because of Soundwave. Still, they worked together.

When the war ended, Starscream still didn’t believe Soundwave. However one day Starscream got really sick, because he was flying in very strong and cold storm and Soundwave took him to his home and took care of the other Pegasus. Starscream actually realized and saw how much care Soundwave gives him, and he didn’t let him do anything until he was totally healthy. When he was finally fine, Starscream after few days began to watch Soundwave and actually stalk him. Other Pegasus knew, but it looked like he didn’t mind it. They had a few friendlier meetings. Then they finally talked to each other and Soundwave even took off his glasses and really talked to him. Starscream told him how much he is sorry for everything. They fell for each other and after time Soundwave moved to Starscream’s house.

They knew very well, how big danger it is because of Megatron, so they kept their relationship as secret to everyone. After one year spent together, they celebrated anniversary and Starscream got to know he is pregnant. It was time to tell everyone the truth.

With Soundwave by his side, Starscream calmed down a lot. He is very happy to know someone takes care of him, and cares deep for him. Suddenly he feels safe.


In the war, Starscream had quite complicated times with Shockwave. The other Decepticon blamed him for that, he let him alone and abandoned on the Cybertron, but Starscream managed to make it look like he hadn’t any other choice. Starscream didn’t like shockwave even before this incident. It seems like Starscream was jealous of Shockwave during the war. In the present they work together in the laboratory and since there isn’t anything to loose Starscream calmed down and they found peace between each other. Shockwave never actually said he hates Starscream, he just didn’t like him to interrupt his science work, and he now actually finds Starscream usefull as his co-worker.


Starscream’s biggest skill is his flexibility and quick thinking. In real he is very intelligent and creative. Starscream has a scientist background and he has actually a talent to build working things. together with this he tried to be a good leader, but his plans always got spoiled.


Starscream is generally a very good flier. In the war he was very often saved by his ability to go high speed. Starscream is very proud to be Pegasus and Seeker.

Clever speaker

It is no secret, that Starscream survided the war and most of his life, because of his clever speaking. He was always very talented in explaining, lying and making others do what he wants them to do. This is one of the reasons, why Megatron didn't cut his head yet.


Starscream is in real very capable builder and innovator. During the war, he proved he can build anything everywhere. Because of his clever thinking he can find a way out from anything.


  • Starscream is left hooved.
  • The scar he got from Arcee never healed.
  • Starscream works with Shockwave in the laboratory, but he will never say no to fly and clean the sky. Sometimes he just takes a cloud and takes a nap.
  • Just like every pegasus, Starscream has sensitive wings. This is doubled by the fact he is Seeker. He can feel the direction of the wind, or whether the storm is coming. His wings are too very sensitive on the touch.
  • He can break the sound barrier.
  • Sometimes he flies together with Laserbeak, just for fun, or for a race.
  • He hates to fly in cold weather, mainly when it’s snowing.
  • It wasn’t only his decision to keep baby, it was too his Seeker instinct for raising of children.
  • Even after the war, Starscream knows Megatron doesn’t believe him and still fears him
  • He loves ice cream, mainly lemon one.
  • Starscream is smaller and thinner than the most of Seekers, this can be caused by that he has two mothers.