Sub stories are short one shots, written for the comic. They are very often additional scenes for comic, or they tell story which happened before the main plot. These stories concentrate very often on one or two characters and their feelings, past or some special case.

List of stories (chronological story order)Edit

- The first christmas - Story takes place in the same as war ended. Megatron is trying to redone everythign bad on Christmas Eve, but plans are never perfect. Plus, other are too learning what it is like to spend this cold time of the year like family. Takes place before comic. Optimus/Megatron, Knockout/Breakdown, Starscream/Soundwave hints

- We can be family - When Starscream and Soundwave got together, they thought , they will finally have a good time and amazing mate. There is only one problem, Ravage and Laserbeak don't want to share their master, and only way is to get rid of Starscream. Story takes place after the war and before comic.

- Feeling safe - Optimus is still worried, if they are really safe, because there are signs, Fallen and Unictron could return. It's on his mate, Megatron to calm him down and make him feel safe once again. This story is secret scene from comic and it follows events after page 8.

- Seeker - Soundwave doubts if he is worth to be Starscream's mate and father of their baby, when he isn't a seeker.