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TFP Ponies, TFP Ponies comic




Pencil black and white (formely)

Traditional pencil coloring

Digital coloring


Adventure, comedy, mystery, family, romance, parody, mpreg, action, war


DJMoonRay ( formely MoonCancer)

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TFP Ponies is the fan webcomic created by user DJMoonRay (orinally named MoonCancer) on deviantArt. First page was posted on deviantArt on March 23 2012. Since then comic got through many changes, mainly in design, from black and white to pencil coloring, to digital version.

Setting and startEdit

The story is based on Transformers Prime storyline, and design is based on My little Pony: Friendship is magic. Originally the design of comic was set in white and black, to prevent it from dying at the very beginning.

I know myself. I know very well that, when I always started comic, I could never finish it or keep it alive. The digital coloring takes very much time, so I tried a pencil way and it worked. Now when the comic is safe, I could try to find a better design with colors.”

Story and genres

The Story begins two years after the war in the small town founded by Autobots and Decepticons to prove peace and team work. In the beginning, the story takes focus mainly on Starscream and Soundwave, because they can’t keep their secret love safe anymore.

Comic is meant to show all characters in many different situations, make them work together and show how they can interact with each other. Every chapter is meant to represent new element for story and option for another genre. One of usual genres is comedy.