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Warrior, Wrecker, , Mechanic, Pilot, Bomb expert, Traveller, Cooker


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His house standing on the water

WheelJack is a true warrior. In the war he visited many places and battles as the proud member of Wreckers. He is a very close friend of Bulkhead, but he was sometimes told by Optimus to calm down. He is always ready for any battle.

After the war WheelJack began to travel around the world. He is still trying to find enough adventures and actions for him, what gets him often into trouble. Because he still has his rivalry with Dreadwing and Ratchet has his house between their houses, it gets very loud in the town in the night.


WheelJack can be described as a lone wolf. He likes spending his time all alone and being on some way, where he can explore the world. In the war, he spent most of the time alone and searched for other Autobots. WheelJack is a very skilled warrior and mechanic and he isn’t afraid to face all dangers of the world. He is very brave, but at the same time reckless. He has very free minded spirit and hates orders, laws and commanding. Because of this, he left Autobots and Wreckers to fight on his own and it gives him hard times with Ultra Magnus. Because he likes to do everything on his own, he can sometimes seem selfish.

Despite all of this, he is very loyal and fights for his friends. His closest friend is Bulkhead, and when they are together, there is always going to be something broken. WheelJack can be too very sassy at times as he likes to tease Ratchet and Starscream and actually anybody else. He doesn’t like complicated plans and thinks straight. He can be inpatient and likes explosions. WheelJack loves bombs and every kind of weapons, mainly his swords. He has also a rivalry with Dreadwing, which didn’t fade away even after the war has ended.



WheelJack knows Bulkhead for a very long time. They both are members of Wrecker team and come along very well. They both love having fun, even when Bulkhead is more careful and doesn’t share WheelJack’s reckless behavior. Bulkhead was always glad to see WheelJack come back, even when it was only for the short time. They fought together in many battles and enjoy fighting. Now when the war is over, WheelJack spends more time with Bulkhead, even when he travels time by time, he would never let anyone to hurt his best friend.

Skills and talentsEdit


WheelJack is a very skilled fighter and Wrecker. During the war, he spent most of his time alone and became one of the most talented and skilled warriors. He claims he is not that much of a team player. WheelJack likes to use bombs, and he always carries only one grenade at the time. However, his main weapons are his two long swords, strongly resembling Japanese "katanas", i.e. the swords of Samurais. WheelJack mastered his skills with these swords so much, that he can fight numerous groups of enemies at once. He is too very reckless in the fight and likes to improvise.