Chapter 1 - Wings to fly

First page published:

March 23 2012


July 12 2012


Black ad white



Wings to fly“ is name of the first chapter of the comic. First page was posted on deviantArt on March 23 2012. Comic is made in grayscale format.


Comic takes us to the town on the coast of the sea, which was founded by Optimus and Megatron after the war.
Page 1

First page of comic featuring Shockwave's laboratory and his only speech in this chapter

First chapter begins almost two years later after the war and focuses on Starscream and Soundwave. They just celebrate their one year anniversary, but because of Megatron they are keeping their relationship as secret. Everyone in the town is preparing for a big festival, what Megatron takes very seriously. Optimus is worried, their old enemy could return – Unicron, but Megatron says they won’t. After few more events Starscream gets to know he is pregnant with Soundwave’s child, and they will have to tell the truth to everyone. Everyone is suddenly shocked by the fact, Optimus' library is on fire. Optimus rushes together with others to help, Soudnwave stays with Starscream. They find Megatron commanding what to do. Megatron too say he saved all books and then makes up the plan to stop fire, together with Soundwave (who suddenly appeared) and Dreadwing
. They take canvas and fill it up with water and then drop it on library. Fire stops, Knockout thinks he's melting, and few of Ratchet's flowers are destroyed. Megatron then tells Soundwave how glad he is he came to help in the moment. Soundwave then cries on the cloud and decides between his family and friendship of Megatron. He then returns home to his mate and makes Starscream sure he will never leave him and he will take care about him and baby. They then fall asleep together.


Autobots Decepticons Others
Optimus Prime Megatron Ravage
Arcee Soundwave Laserbeak
Bumblebee Starscream Octie
Ratchet Knockout
Bulkhead Breakdown
WheelJack Shockwave (talks)
CliffJumper Dreadwing


- Shockwave is mentioned at the first page, and even talks, but he isn't vissible. This happens because Shockwave wasn't avaible in Prime that time. This caused design problems, because of colors of body, design, eye color of Shockwave. So he wasn't visible to prevent problems.

- One of the main reasons, why this chapter isn't made in color right at first time, is unknown color of Soundwave's eyes

- We never get to know in this chapter, if Knockout picked his cake

- It is revealed that Starscream is Aries in zodiac